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The trilogy is based on the life and oeuvre of Dutch author Geerten Meijsing, who in the film, plays himself taking the road less traveled to Ortigia, Syracuse where he lives. Our story unfolds at the end point of the story. It’s told in reverse chronology as the third part (and first made) of the trilogy. Meijsing recalls his life’s journey through fiction and memory. 

Prelude: the glow of late afternoon sun-a lone figure walks among the tiers of seating in the remoteness of a Greek amphitheater. 


Cut to: the exterior of a modest sized house with a terra cotta tiled roof. Erik Provenier reads beneath a small olive tree on the windswept lawn. Thereafter a waking dream ensues. Here we enter into the imaginary world of both filmmaker and writer. Elements of Meijsing’a autobiography and fictional scenarios from his novels merge. In a measured pace a reconstructed filmic narrative moves from exterior to interior, back and forwards in time. We watch the flow of his thoughts and actions that eventually form the pages of his novels or memoirs. (CONT.)



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